Safety Management

Safety Management

Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

Yamato Technologies® Pte Ltd is committed to adding value to our clients by delivering product and service excellence . The Company operates Quality, Health and Safety & Environment Management System to the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007 Standard.

The Management and Staff of Yamato Technologies® Pte Ltd are committed to:

  • Consistently meeting clients satisfaction through providing quality product and service excellence
  • Ensuring projects are always delivered on time, as specified by our clients
  • Responding quickly to all project inquiries and invitation to quote
  • Providing training on QHSE awareness for all new employees
  • Protect Environment & Occupational Health and Safety of employees
  • Prevent / Eliminate/minimize/control, risk due to Occupational Health and Safety hazards
  • Eliminate/Minimize/Control the Pollution & Environmental impacts associated with our activities
  • Comply with applicable all QHSE legal and other requirements
  • Continually improve its QHSE performance through implementing and maintaining a QHSE management system & effective internal audit
  • Communicate this policy to all the persons working for or on behalf of Yamato Technologies® Pte Ltd.

This QHSE Policy is regularly reviewed in order to ensure its continuing suitability. The company also constantly monitors its Quality, Health and Safety , Environmental performance and implements improvements when appropriate.

Safety Management Team

Name: Md Salahuddin Kader Mazumder
Position: QHSE Manager/ Dept Head
Joining Date: 3rd Jan 2017
Education: Bachelor of Environmental and Occupation Health and Safety
Masters of Engineering Management


Name: MD Razaul Karim
Position: Supervisor
Joining Date: 26th April 2011


Name: Mohammad Falul Karim
Position: Safety Supervisor
Joining date: 15th December 2010


Name: Khuzema Abbasbhai
Position: Safety officer
Joining Date: 10th February 2016


Name: Bappa Das
Position: Safety Supervisor
Joining Date: 10th June 2010


Name: Md Syed Hossain
Position: Safety Supervisor
Joining Date: 27th May 2011


Name: Ishkhandar Bin Omar
Position: Safety officer
Joining Date: 4th April 2016

Name: Md Yunus Miah
Safety Supervisor
Joining Date:
1st April 2013


Name: Thamizh Raja
Position: Safety Coordinator
Joning Date: 11th May 2013

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