Water Purification Technology

Water Purification Technology


Yamato Technologies is a proud installer of cutting edge water purification technologies, backed by strong partnerships with leaders in the industry. With the growing demand of water purification and filtration, Yamato strives to create and add value to these projects by analyzing, proposing and building the right technology solutions. We stay up to date on the latest water purification technology, have the know-how and resources to install, operate and maintain these energy and water plants. Some of our area of expertise include:

In collaboration with GE, Yamato is the proud installer of ZENON Membrance at the Membrane Bioreactor Plant at PUB Ulu Pandan Water Reclaimation Plant. The membranes are capable of performing in any raw water quality such as drinking water, waste water, tertiary and water reuse applications, industrial feed water and reverse osmosis (RO) pre-treatment. This advanced technology is operational in thousands of municipal, industrial and commercial applications worldwide. Yamato overseas the installation, operations and execution in ensuring that it reduces operating costs and maintain efficiency with a longer lasting membrane, reducing site footprint while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is recognized by experts as the best technology available to remove the widest spectrum of contaminants found in drinking water such as bacteria virus, fluoride, dissolved heavy metals. Yamato Technologies plays the role of executing the process of reverse osmosis in water purification so as to achieve improved water quality. It is a cost effective solution that Yamato has the confidence and expertise to implement such RO treatment in various water plants.

Yamato’s desalination projects range from small plants to large scale projects that will supply clean water to support Singapore and neighboring countries in their quest for clean water to support urban development. We have designed, engineered, operated and maintained the plants to ensure that every desalination process is smooth and efficient. Membrane-based desalination uses semi-permeable reverse osmosis membranes and pressure to separate salts from water. We continue to strive and envision to provide desalination technology to regions that require our expertise.


We have forged strong ties with these technology partners in this area:

  • GE Energy and Water
  • Meiden
  • CamBi
  • Ozonia


We add value to all our EPC projects, water filtration technologies with our knowledge and experience.