Research & Development

Research & Development


Innovation is the key to success

Yamato believes that innovation is the key to success. Having vast experience in the field of engineering, Yamato founders has set the company direction to develop new process and method in order to provide cost effective but improved engineering. We are focusing on R & D in water management, green energy and recycling plants in collaboration with institutes and world class experts.

From Research to Laboratory Tests; from Pilot/Demonstration Plant to Full Scale Operational Plant, Yamato Technologies is your trusted Engineering, Procurement and Construction Partner with the necessary process know-how to deliver your projects to completion with full specification.


R&D on Systems & Process Integration

  • Attains high packing density and low capital costs with a small-diameter fiber membrane
  • Ideal for retrofits and large plants.
  • Applicable in direct filtration, coagulation, tertiary filtration, multi-media filter retrofits, and pre-treatment for reverse osmosis
  • Enables production of water quality that meets stringent EPA drinking water standards while using less chemicals and producing less residual waste than a typical conventional potable water treatment system.
  • Implement a workable system integrating multiple products from different Technology Suppliers
  • Need to reconcile differences between different producers, varying specifications & local requirements
  • Process System involves
    • – Anaerobic Sludge Treatment
    • – Gas Generation
    • – Bio Gas Scrubbing
    • – Energy Production
    • – Solid Reduction
    • – Zero Waste Solutions from Sludge
    • – Organic Fertiliser Production
  • Improves Efficiency of Existing Processes – Reduces Sludge Capacity & Costs

We add value to all our EPC projects, water filtration technologies with our knowledge and experience.