Director, Operations Management, Yamato Technologies Pte Ltd

Mr Taher Bokhtier is a first-generation Permanent Resident turned Singapore citizen. Born and brought up in Bangladesh, Mr Taher has experienced social unrest and values the peace and security that Singapore enjoys through the institution of National Service.

As the business partner of Captain (NS) Tay Beng Boon, Mr Taher supports CPT (NS) Tay’s National Service commitments both in words and action.

Being a relatively young and small start-up, the absence of his business partner and his employees for In-Camp Training is keenly felt. Yet whenever CPT (NS) Tay is away on ICT, Mr Taher will take over his projects, on top of his own heavy workload.

In addition, Yamato Techmologies Pte Ltd also organises daily physical workouts, early medical check-ups and proper diet and lifestyle sessions for his National Servicemen employees to keep them fit and healthy. Yamato Technologies Pte Ltd believes this is his small way to recognise the sacrifices of his National Service employees and the company’s shared contribution in supporting Total Defence in Singapore.

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Our Director Says

“Without National Service, I feel that there would be chaos and instability. Therefore, National Service is vital in securing our future.”

Mr Taher Bokhtier
Director, Operations Management

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